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Mine Clearance

Trained and well equipment teams remove mines and ERW hazards
in accordance with international standards, country requirements
and building national capacity.


Manual Mine Clearance

(conducting in the confirmed
hazardous areas)

Mine Detection Dogs

(conducting suspected
hazardous areas and for verification)

Mechanical Mine Clearance Machine

(ground preparation, tripwire removal, verification, clearance over large areas)

Mind Your Step, We Are De-Mining


We use non-technical survey for data gathering to identify minefields and other hazardous areas, using a wide variety of information including interviews, satellite photographs, accident records or military minefield maps, mine signs, fences.

Assessment Planning

Assessment & Planning

Field Survey

Field Survey



Technical Survey

Technical survey which follows non-technical survey and needs physical intervention to gather more detailed information about an area which has been already been identified as hazardous, or potentially hazardous.

UXO Geophysical Survey

Search and detection of UXOs and ERWs by using UXO Geophysical Survey Equipment. Collecting and processing UXO geophysical data and doing intrusive search for locating and disposal of found explosive ordnance.


Planning, reconnaissance, mobilization and conduct of various mine clearance and EOD operations smoothly and safely as part of humanitarian assistance missions in post conflict areas.

At this stage, we follow these steps below

 Humanitarian Operations Steps

To walk the Earth in Safety


Explosive Ordnance
Disposal (EOD)

We eliminate extra ordinary impact to ordinary people.

Detection                       Render Safe

Identification                 Recovery

Evaluation                      Disposal

We clear soil that may contain unexploded ordnance with armoured machinery and detection equipment. In order to do this as safely and expertly as possible, we dig up the ground layer by layer.

Careful detection methods and a good cooperation with all parties concerned make for a professional approach to clearing the terrain of UXO.

Bac Icon

Battle Area Clearance (BAC)

The Battle Area Clearance of contaminated areas from UXOs and ERWs by using EOD search tools and equipment. The surface and the subsurface of he battlegrounds and armed conflict areas are decontaminated from explosive ordnance and metals up to a certain depth by intrusive search techniques applied by professional EOD Teams.


Iedd Icon

Improvised Explosive Device Disposal (Iedd)

The search, detection and clearance of Improvised Explosive Devices on roads, in culverts and tunnels, in buildings, at rural and urban areas by using search equipment and remote means like EOD robots, drones and other EOD equipment.


Disposal Unserviceable Munitions Icon

Disposal Of Unserviceable Munitions

Delivery, storage, classification, inspection and safe demolition of unserviceable munition at demolition sites by taking safe and secure EOD measures.

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